Looking to Buy?


We understand buying a farm is a huge decision.  If you are ready to buy, Contact Us.


Otherwise, we suggest the following steps:



1. Research
It's important that you do your research.  Feel free to browse through our Recent Listings.



2. Purchase
Once you have decided which property to buy, we oversee the transaction to ensure the different legal parties are coordinated.



3. Buyer Seeking/Purchasing

a. Dairy Farms - when inquiring about farms it is important to buy knowing fair market value by comparing farms that have sold and farms that are for sale.  In viewing farms we organize valuations of herd feed evaluations quantity, as well we organize the information on historical crop performance; not only on the farm but on competing farms in the area. 

b. Poultry Farms - Understanding the flock times of birds & executing a closing date that is compatible with birds coming and going from production times.

c. Cash Crop - Understanding supply of listing and future supply of properties, comparing evaluations of farms that have sold - farms that are on the market and researching for farms that are coming on the market. 
Part of the buyers research and due diligence is knowing what is available in the future in an area that they are trying to establish.



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