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Born and raised in Brockville.  Allan has combined 20 years of dairy farming and 17 years of sales experience (10 years in farm real estate) in this large geographical area to qualify as your farm agent.



A few facts you need to know about Eastern Ontario:


  • Heat units: 2600-2800 in St. Lawrence and Ottawa Valleys
  • Although land values have risen in recent years the better quality land in Eastern Ontario is more affordable than its Western counterparts.
  • Yields have consistently improved with corn and soybean yield rivalling those in the western part of Ontario.
  • Most areas have yet to experience the fierce competition for land.
  • Dairy, layer and broiler producers have added to their quota holdings in recent years in the Eastern part of this region and will continue to expand.
  • The ambitious cash cropper can still put together a large holding with plenty of room to appreciate the investment.
  • Culligan Real Estate: Your Farm Connection can assist with your relocation by providing
    aid in addressing:
    • Financial consideration
    • Marketing of present assets
    • Livestock transportation or purchase
    • Sourcing the dairy, cash crop or poultry facility that works best for you
    • Your language needs: French and Dutch language services are available upon request.


The farmers in Eastern Ontario live to enjoy their recreational time too!!
Boating, skiing, snowmobiling, 4 wheeling, professional sporting events and "professional shopping" events are all a short drive from your new farm in Eastern Ontario.

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