In 1977, Culligan Realty began operations as a residential and agricultural realtor. The first office was established in Mitchell, Ontario.

Since then, the company has opened additional offices in Seaforth, St. Marys, and Brockville and focused its operations on Agricultural Real Estate.



Our dedicated team will offer you our wealth of global experience with a perfect blend of small town customer service.  Culligan Real Estate Limited has Dutch, Swiss and German speaking staff, experienced at handling European inquiries.  Culligan Real Estate Limited is actively marketing agricultural properties in Holland, Switzerland, and Germany, seeking out potential customers for farm opportunities in Ontario.


With several 1000 acres of Agricultural properties in our portfolio, we can say with certainty that we are Your Farm Connection.  Dairy, Poultry, Swine, Equine, or Cash Crop…we have the team to guide you through the unique experience of buying or selling a farm in Ontario.  It is important to note that our farm sales agents are fully licensed and have great understanding of all aspects of dairy, poultry, cash crop, and hog as well as the current market conditions by which they operate in.  With this knowledge it adds great value to what is the best price you will realize on your farm or what you should pay for a farm operation.



We have a proven marketing concept that will provide you with quality service in achieving the best price for your property through brochures, catalogues, for sale by tender campaigns, online marketing, local advertising in the Ontario Farmer, and other publications, as well as our branded signage.


Regardless if you are buying, selling, or just plain curious about Real Estate, we welcome you to Culligan Realty.

We invite you to meet our agents, browse our listings, and contact us with any questions you might have.